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Cost of Compliance

The cost of compliance is made up of three elements:

Environment Agency Fee

The Agency charges £564 to register a company through a compliance scheme. Groups of companies also pay additional fees for each subsidiary:

  • £180/ subsidiary for the first 4 subsidiaries.
  • £90/ subsidiary for the 5th to 20th subsidiary.
  • £45/ subsidiary for all additional subsidiaries.

Companies with a turnover of less than £5million can register as a ‘Small Producer’. Small Producers use a simplified calculation method and pay a reduced Agency fee of £345 per year.

The Environment Agency also charge additional fees for late registration and for making amendments to data during the year.

Membership Fee

Pennine Pack membership is £700 per year to cover our costs including registering your company with the Agency, assisting you to prepare your data and all other associated administration. We also offer phone and email based environmental support for all members at no additional charge.

Members who are eligible to register as Small Producers with the Agency also pay a reduced membership fee of £550 per year.

All members who submit their registration and data forms before 1st March will qualify for an early submission rebate of £100 against their membership.

Ethical Compliance Option

We also have an option for members who want us to certify that all their PRN’s came from UK only recycling. Please click here to go to the Ethical Compliance Option page.


This is the cost of purchasing your share of PRN’s. The cost of PRN’s vary as supply and demand fluctuates.

We send out a quarterly statement to members with the current / projected cost of PRN’s to assist you to budget and track costs.

If you are interested in becoming a Pennine-Pack member, please see our Document Downloads page.

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