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Are You Obligated?

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Are You Obligated?

To be obligated under the packaging regulations, your business (or group of companies) must exceed two thresholds:

  • Turnover more than £2million and
  • Handle over 50 tonnes of obligated packaging

As well as this your business (or group of companies) must own the packaging when it is subject to one of the “relevant activities” listed below:

Raw Material Manufacturers make the raw materials needed for packaging such as manufacturers of cardboard, or manufacturers of plastic pellets. If you manufacture a raw material used for making packaging you have to contribute 6% of the cost of recycling the tonnage you handle.

Converters make the actual packaging (or undertake the final stage of conversion) for example making cardboard boxes, making plastic containers or making up pallets. If you manufacture or convert packaging raw materials you have to contribute 9% of the cost of recycling the tonnage you handle.

Pack / fillers use the packaging for the first time, for example putting goods into boxes, filling plastic containers or using new pallets. If you put goods into boxes or other containers, you have to contribute 37% of the cost of recycling the tonnage you handle.

Selling. This stage is determined by the removal of packaging. If your customer removes packaging from goods, you have to contribute 48% of the cost of recycling the tonnage you handle.

Importing. If you import packaging or packaged goods, you have to contribute a corresponding percentage for the elements that took place outside the UK: for boxes that you import to either sell or fill you will have to contribute 15%. This corresponds to the raw materials manufacturer’s obligation of 6% plus the converters obligation of 9%.

Exporting. When packaging is exported, you get a “credit” against the activities that you have performed.

Service Providers are people who lease or provide packaging to other parties. They have to contribute 75% of the cost of recycling the tonnage you handle. 37% for the packing / filling obligation and 48% for the selling obligation the first time that packaging is used.

In addition to these percentages that define your share, there are further targets to ensure that the UK meets EU targets. These cover the overall recycling target and material specific targets for the different materials – paper, glass, aluminium, steel, plastic and wood. These latter targets change annually in line with the EU targets. In 2016 the overall target in the UK is 78% of all packaging that becomes waste in the UK.

Please contact us for no obligation assistance now if you think you are likely to be obligated.

Please note that there are also special requirements that apply to businesses that franchise their activities including sales of motor vehicles, copy shops, fast food outlets and pub operating companies. Please contact us for more information.

Are you a reprocessor of packaging?

Recyclers who recycle waste packaging into new materials or other goods can register with the Environment Agency to become an accredited reprocessor. Accredited reprocessors generate an income from the sale of PRN’s to obligated companies and compliance schemes. Pennine Pack would like to talk to any potential accredited reprocessors to assist them to become accredited as we maybe able to purchase all PRN’s generated.

If you would like to discuss this possibility or if you are an accredited reprocessor with PRN’s to sell please contact us for further details.

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