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Environment Page

Environment Page

At Pennine-Pack, we recognise that we all have an impact on the environment and that there are things that we can do to reduce some of the negative impacts of the way that we do business. In order to help us to have less impact, we have signed up to the Investors in the Environment programme. We were the first company to be accredited in Yorkshire (Silver standard in July 2012) and have been accredited to the Green standard since August 2013.

Through this programme we have formalised our Environmental policy and started to measure some of our impacts so that we can see when we are getting better.

We have always looked for low impact products (like FSC certified paper) and ethical products (like fairtrade tea and coffee) and we wanted to do more to reduce our impact.

Two areas where we could make a difference most quickly were the amount of paper that we use and the way we travel to meet our customers.

We would like to be a paperless office and we have introduced , an electronic newsletter, paperless billing and an almost paperless registration process. We also upgraded to a double sided scanner and printer so that we can minimise paper use.

We have also looked at how we travel to meet customers and suppliers. In 2011, we took a Toyota Auris Hybrid car which has improved fuel consumption from less than 40 miles per gallon to almost bang on 50 miles per gallon (which is not easy with all the hills that we have to drive across in West Yorkshire) We are also looking at ways to increase use of public transport, but most of our customers are located on business parks which are not convenient to effective use of public transport, so we are still working on that one!

As part of this we are reviewing our carbon footprint which has been an eye opener to say the least. We look at our carbon emissions at three levels: those we control like using the car, known as direct emissions; those we cause indirectly, which includes the pollution caused at the power station when we turn on a light, known as indirect emissions; and the third group which are emissions caused indirectly, which might include emissions caused by running mobile phone masts, known as other indirect emissions.

  • Scope 1 (Direct emissions) - Use of car contributes ~2t of CO2 emissions per year
  • Scope 2 (Indirect emissions) – energy used in our shared office ~3t of CO2 emissions per year
  • Scope 3 (Other indirect) - Emissions caused by recyclers exporting packaging to recycle in China – an extra 3,800t of CO2 emissions in 2011 because we purchased recycling certificates for material recycled in China and not in the UK.

From this figure, we resolved to purchase more recycling certificates for our customers from UK based recyclers, whenever possible and to offer a new service to certify that their share of waste packaging was recycled in the UK, if they wanted to sign up to our new Ethical Compliance.

Ethical Compliance will:
  • Guarantee that your share of packaging handled is recycled in the UK
  • Guarantee that the people who recycled the packaging to generate your PRNs enjoyed EU minimum standards of employment and Health and Safety.
  • Save the amount of oil that would have been used to transport your share of packaging waste around the world to be recycled
  • Reduce the ‘Carbon Footprint’ of recycling your share of packaging waste (this would be considered to be a scope 3 emission in your carbon footprint)
  • Encourages UK recycling
  • Make the PRN market less vulnerable to swings in the global marketplace

Please click here to go to the Ethical Compliance page.

Please click here to go to the downloads page where you can find our environmental policy.

Recycling Symbols

Recycling symbols

There are a number of recycling symbols that we see on the products we buy. Below are a few of the most commonly found symbols:


Please put this bottle in the bottle bank


Recyclable aluminium

Mobius Loop

This is capable of being recycled.

Mobius loop with percentage

This contains x% of recycled material. However, use of this symbol is voluntary. Some goods contain recycled materials but do not carry this symbol. Recycled content does not mean it is necessarily better for the environment and it is often inappropriate, particularly for packaging used for food, toiletries and cosmetics.

Green Dot

This shows that a fee has been paid for the recovery of the packaging in some European countries.


Dispose of this carefully and thoughtfully. Do not litter.


Polyethylene Terepthalate

High Density Polyethylene


Low Density Polyethylene



All other resins and multi-materials

Ethical Compliance Option

Ethical Compliance

What is Ethical Compliance?

When you choose Ethical Compliance, Pennine-Pack will guarantee that all the PRNs purchased on your behalf were generated by recycling which took place in the UK.

Why Choose Ethical Compliance?

  • It guarantees that all the PRNs purchased on your behalf were generated by recycling which took place in the UK
  • It guarantees that the people who will recycle the packaging to generate your PRNs will meet EU minimum standards of employment and Health and Safety.
  • It avoids the consumption of the oil that otherwis would have been used to transport your share of packaging waste around the world to be recycled
  • It reduces the ‘Carbon Footprint’ of recycling your share of packaging waste (this would be considered to be a scope 3 emission in your carbon footprint)
  • It encourages UK recycling
  • It helps to makes the PRN market less vulnerable to swings in the global marketplace
Doing the maths

During 2012, after undertaking the Silver award for Investors in the Environment 1, we started to look at our carbon footprint.

Our Scope 1 “direct emissions” – emissions that we directly control, like the use of a car, were under 2 tonnes.

Our Scope 2 - “indirect emissions” – emissions that we control indirectly, like heating the offices that we share were under 3 tonnes.

The surprise came when we looked at Scope 3 "other indirect emissions" – emissions that are caused on our behalf. We considered the difference in emissions for recycling in the UK and abroad. Recycling abroad, usually in China, adds about 18,000km of shipping which adds about 300kg CO 2e of emissions per tonne of waste shipped so that it can be recycled in an economy where monthly minimum wages are 1300 Yuan per month 2, approximately $10 per day or £6.50 per day, which is about what a British worker might expect to earn per hour!

In 2011, almost 3,000,000 tonnes of packaging waste were exported from the UK to be recycled. This is associated with over 850,000t CO 2e of emissions.

Our share at Pennine-Pack was about 3,800 tonnes CO 2e. This may not be a big number in the overall scheme of things but if we can increase our share of recycling that takes place in the UK, just by choosing a UK based recycler, it will be a step in the right direction.

By signing up to Ethical Compliance, you too will be making another step in the right direction!

For further information on Ethical Compliance or to sign up please contact us directly.

1 accessed 10/8/12

2 accessed 10/8/12. Monthly minimum wage for Guangzhou (Guangdong).

Consumer Information Obligation

Consumer Information Obligation

Under the Packaging regulations Pennine-Pack has an obligation to provide its members with more information on how and where to recycle. This is known as the Consumer Information Obligation.

Want to recycle more?

Your waste may have some value. Below is some information that may assist you to recycle more of your waste. If you can not see what you want then please contact us and we will try to answer your questions.


The Green Business Network has collated a large database of companies and organisations mainly in Yorkshire and the North West who are able to take your waste for recycling, thus diverting it from landfill, and the associated landfill cost.

If you think your waste may be of use to someone else, you can try offering it on the Whywaste waste exchange and see if there is anyone in your area who is interested in it.

Businesses can also try the following organisations to find a waste recycler:

Remember that waste contractors are licensed by the Environment Agency. To make sure that your waste is being taken by an authorised contractor, ask where the waste is going and if the recipient is licensed to receive your waste. You should also make sure that and hauliers removing your waste has a Waste Carriers Licence.


For domestic waste see the website to find your closest recycling site

Also you can easily find your nearest recycling point by entering their address details on

Your local council can also advise on local recycling services. Contact your local council and ask for the recycling officer.

For more information, you can contact us

Document Downloads

Document Downloads

Pennine-Pack dataform

1 Blank Datasheet 2016 v3.0.xlsx

Pennine-Pack application form

Blank Pennine-Pack application.pdf

Pennine-Pack small producer application form

Blank Pennine-Pack small producer application.pdf

Pennine-Pack Fees

Pennine-Pack fees-2014.pdf

The Environment Agency guidance (Dec 2011) with agreed interpretations of packaging

Agreed positions and technical interpretations v9.pdf

Pennine-Pack Environmental Policy 2016

Pennine-Pack Environmental Policy 2016.pdf

Pennine-Pack Changes To Packaging Regulations 2015 2016

Pennine-Pack Changes To Packaging Regulations 2015 2016.pdf

Short UK Regs update 2016

Short UK Regs update 2016.pdf

Short EU future Regs update 2016

Short EU future Regs update 2016.pdf

Cost of Compliance

Cost of Compliance

The cost of compliance is made up of three elements:

Environment Agency Fee

The Agency charges £564 to register a company through a compliance scheme. Groups of companies also pay additional fees for each subsidiary:

  • £180/ subsidiary for the first 4 subsidiaries.
  • £90/ subsidiary for the 5th to 20th subsidiary.
  • £45/ subsidiary for all additional subsidiaries.

Companies with a turnover of less than £5million can register as a ‘Small Producer’. Small Producers use a simplified calculation method and pay a reduced Agency fee of £345 per year.

The Environment Agency also charge additional fees for late registration and for making amendments to data during the year.

Membership Fee

Pennine Pack membership is £700 per year to cover our costs including registering your company with the Agency, assisting you to prepare your data and all other associated administration. We also offer phone and email based environmental support for all members at no additional charge.

Members who are eligible to register as Small Producers with the Agency also pay a reduced membership fee of £550 per year.

All members who submit their registration and data forms before 1st March will qualify for an early submission rebate of £100 against their membership.

Ethical Compliance Option

We also have an option for members who want us to certify that all their PRN’s came from UK only recycling. Please click here to go to the Ethical Compliance Option page.


This is the cost of purchasing your share of PRN’s. The cost of PRN’s vary as supply and demand fluctuates.

We send out a quarterly statement to members with the current / projected cost of PRN’s to assist you to budget and track costs.

If you are interested in becoming a Pennine-Pack member, please see our Document Downloads page.

Are You Obligated

Are You Obligated?

To be obligated under the packaging regulations, your business (or group of companies) must exceed two thresholds:

  • Turnover more than £2million and
  • Handle over 50 tonnes of obligated packaging

As well as this your business (or group of companies) must own the packaging when it is subject to one of the “relevant activities” listed below:

Raw Material Manufacturers make the raw materials needed for packaging such as manufacturers of cardboard, or manufacturers of plastic pellets. If you manufacture a raw material used for making packaging you have to contribute 6% of the cost of recycling the tonnage you handle.

Converters make the actual packaging (or undertake the final stage of conversion) for example making cardboard boxes, making plastic containers or making up pallets. If you manufacture or convert packaging raw materials you have to contribute 9% of the cost of recycling the tonnage you handle.

Pack / fillers use the packaging for the first time, for example putting goods into boxes, filling plastic containers or using new pallets. If you put goods into boxes or other containers, you have to contribute 37% of the cost of recycling the tonnage you handle.

Selling. This stage is determined by the removal of packaging. If your customer removes packaging from goods, you have to contribute 48% of the cost of recycling the tonnage you handle.

Importing. If you import packaging or packaged goods, you have to contribute a corresponding percentage for the elements that took place outside the UK: for boxes that you import to either sell or fill you will have to contribute 15%. This corresponds to the raw materials manufacturer’s obligation of 6% plus the converters obligation of 9%.

Exporting. When packaging is exported, you get a “credit” against the activities that you have performed.

Service Providers are people who lease or provide packaging to other parties. They have to contribute 75% of the cost of recycling the tonnage you handle. 37% for the packing / filling obligation and 48% for the selling obligation the first time that packaging is used.

In addition to these percentages that define your share, there are further targets to ensure that the UK meets EU targets. These cover the overall recycling target and material specific targets for the different materials – paper, glass, aluminium, steel, plastic and wood. These latter targets change annually in line with the EU targets. In 2016 the overall target in the UK is 78% of all packaging that becomes waste in the UK.

Please contact us for no obligation assistance now if you think you are likely to be obligated.

Please note that there are also special requirements that apply to businesses that franchise their activities including sales of motor vehicles, copy shops, fast food outlets and pub operating companies. Please contact us for more information.

Are you a reprocessor of packaging?

Recyclers who recycle waste packaging into new materials or other goods can register with the Environment Agency to become an accredited reprocessor. Accredited reprocessors generate an income from the sale of PRN’s to obligated companies and compliance schemes. Pennine Pack would like to talk to any potential accredited reprocessors to assist them to become accredited as we maybe able to purchase all PRN’s generated.

If you would like to discuss this possibility or if you are an accredited reprocessor with PRN’s to sell please contact us for further details.

The Regulations

The Regulations

The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007 implement the EC Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste 94/62/EC which aims to reduce the amount of packaging and packaging waste by introducing recovery and recycling targets for packaging waste, and by encouraging minimisation and reuse of packaging.

In the UK, this has been implemented by introducing recycling targets for companies that handle packaging. Affected companies register with the Environment Agency either directly or via a compliance scheme, such as Pennine Pack. These companies report the amount of packaging they handle and they or their compliance scheme purchase certificates which show that their share of packaging has been recycled. These certificates known as PRN’s (Packaging Recovery Notes) and PERN’s (Packaging Export Recovery Notes) are issued by Accredited recyclers who have been approved by the Environment Agency.

Around 90% of obligated companies choose to join compliance schemes rather than register directly with the Environment Agency.

It is in the interest of businesses to recycle as much packaging as possible. Not only will this increase the number of PRN’s available but it will also reduce your waste disposal costs!

Are you obligated?

Are you a recycler who thinks they could be an accredited reprocessor?



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Green Future Building
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Packaging Legislation

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The Environment Agency Packaging Page

The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2007
The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2007 - see schedule 21, part 2, para 52

The European Commission Packaging Page

The Packaging Regulations
The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007 - please note that these regulations have been amended several times - please contact us directly if you have specific questions about these regulations.

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