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Zero Waste Shop

And at the other end of the scale, we have the Zero Waste Shop in Totnes. Nicola and Richard became disillusioned with City Life in an apartment with no recycling facilities. They started to wage a war on packaging and to cut out a few steps, they now run an organic wholefood shop in Totnes where everything sold is sold without packaging.

Zero Waste Shopping

So how do you run a shop with no packaging? – Its easy. You bring your own containers, (1) weigh the container, (2) fill the container with the product of your choice, (3) re-weigh the container, (4) label your purchase, (5) pay!. And no waste packaging.

Any container

Conveniently, they wrote a short article with 31 suggestions to reduce plastic waste. It felt a little awkward the first time I turned up to order take away food with my own containers, but as soon as the café worked out that he was not paying for a throw away take-away box, he was on board and happy to join in!

Click here to read the list of suggestions.

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