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Pennine-Pack goes for Green with Investors in the Environment

Pennine-Pack Ltd are very pleased to announce that we have upgraded our silver accreditation with Investors in the Environment to the premium Green standard.

We have been accredited to the Investors in the Environment Green Standard which required the company to implement an environmental policy, measure use of resources, set targets to improve performance, measure our carbon footprint and make a commitment to other environmental measures such as using FSC certified paper.

“We were delighted to achieve the ‘Silver’ standard last summer and have upgraded to ‘Green’ this year because Investors in the Environment is flexible enough to work in a business as small as ours” explained John Mooney, General Manager, “and it allows us to show our customers that we practice what we preach.”

Pennine-Pack has a green transport policy, a paperless office policy and has completed a carbon footprinting exercise which showed our day to day impacts to be around 5 tonnes of carbon dioxide. It also showed that the extra impact caused by buying recycling certificates from overseas recyclers added almost 4,000 tonnes to our indirect impacts. The impact of buying recycling certificates from abroad is huge. We will embrace it as an opportunity to offer an UK only option for our customers.

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Please click here to find out more about our Ethical Compliance Option for “UK only” packaging compliance.

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