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Recycling symbols

There are a number of recycling symbols that we see on the products we buy. Below are a few of the most commonly found symbols:


Please put this bottle in the bottle bank


Recyclable aluminium

Mobius Loop

This is capable of being recycled.

Mobius loop with percentage

This contains x% of recycled material. However, use of this symbol is voluntary. Some goods contain recycled materials but do not carry this symbol. Recycled content does not mean it is necessarily better for the environment and it is often inappropriate, particularly for packaging used for food, toiletries and cosmetics.

Green Dot

This shows that a fee has been paid for the recovery of the packaging in some European countries.


Dispose of this carefully and thoughtfully. Do not litter.


Polyethylene Terepthalate

High Density Polyethylene


Low Density Polyethylene



All other resins and multi-materials

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