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Ethical Compliance

Ethical Compliance

Ethical Compliance

What is Ethical Compliance?

When you choose Ethical Compliance, Pennine-Pack will guarantee that all the PRNs purchased on your behalf were generated by recycling which took place in the UK.

Why Choose Ethical Compliance?

  • It guarantees that all the PRNs purchased on your behalf were generated by recycling which took place in the UK
  • It guarantees that the people who will recycle the packaging to generate your PRNs will meet EU minimum standards of employment and Health and Safety.
  • It avoids the consumption of the oil that otherwis would have been used to transport your share of packaging waste around the world to be recycled
  • It reduces the ‘Carbon Footprint’ of recycling your share of packaging waste (this would be considered to be a scope 3 emission in your carbon footprint)
  • It encourages UK recycling
  • It helps to makes the PRN market less vulnerable to swings in the global marketplace
Doing the maths

During 2012, after undertaking the Silver award for Investors in the Environment 1, we started to look at our carbon footprint.

Our Scope 1 “direct emissions” – emissions that we directly control, like the use of a car, were under 2 tonnes.

Our Scope 2 - “indirect emissions” – emissions that we control indirectly, like heating the offices that we share were under 3 tonnes.

The surprise came when we looked at Scope 3 "other indirect emissions" – emissions that are caused on our behalf. We considered the difference in emissions for recycling in the UK and abroad. Recycling abroad, usually in China, adds about 18,000km of shipping which adds about 300kg CO 2e of emissions per tonne of waste shipped so that it can be recycled in an economy where monthly minimum wages are 1300 Yuan per month 2, approximately $10 per day or £6.50 per day, which is about what a British worker might expect to earn per hour!

In 2011, almost 3,000,000 tonnes of packaging waste were exported from the UK to be recycled. This is associated with over 850,000t CO 2e of emissions.

Our share at Pennine-Pack was about 3,800 tonnes CO 2e. This may not be a big number in the overall scheme of things but if we can increase our share of recycling that takes place in the UK, just by choosing a UK based recycler, it will be a step in the right direction.

By signing up to Ethical Compliance, you too will be making another step in the right direction!

For further information on Ethical Compliance or to sign up please contact us directly.

1 accessed 10/8/12

2 accessed 10/8/12. Monthly minimum wage for Guangzhou (Guangdong).

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