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About Us

Pennine-Pack was set up to meet the needs of businesses in West Yorkshire who want to be members of a compliance scheme where they know who they are dealing with and where their individual needs can be met with practical face-to-face support at a sensible price.

Pennine-Pack operate in partnership with a wide range of organisations to stimulate recycling in a sustainable way. We encourage local recyclers to produce new and niche products that create local jobs and increase local investment with both private and public funding.

While we started with only 7 members in 1997 we have grown steadily, largely by word of mouth and personal recommendation to over 70 members today, most of whom are located close to the M62 corridor. These range from small local companies who only just come above the threshold to companies with internationally recognised names and brands.

In May 2014, we launched the Ethical Compliance Option, the UK’s first low carbon packaging compliance scheme, committed to buying all its PRNs from UK based recyclers. For more information, please contact us or go to the new website,

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